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2nd Trimester

Welcome to the 2nd trimester of your pregnancy! If your fatigue and nausea have not yet ceased, try not to worry, as the majority of women will be feeling great by the middle of this trimester.

Your body has begun to grow on the outside so you may notice people stopping to congratulate you. This is also the stage where you might hear of the ‘pregnancy glow’ that so many women have. The burst of energy that you might experience is often due to the fact that the early symptoms have ceased and you can finally enjoy your growing body. It is important to realize that you are still limited in what you can do and shouldn’t do any heavy lifting or begin a new exercise regime.

At this point, you may notice that hunger cravings begin. And even though it may be fun to overindulge, it is important for you to maintain a healthy diet throughout your pregnancy for both your own health as well as the baby’s. It will also make it easier afterwards to lose the pregnancy weight after your baby is born if you have maintained a slow and steady rate of growth throughout the 40 weeks.

The 2nd trimester of pregnancy is also the time when you might see the symptoms of Gestational Diabetes. Make sure you speak to your doctor about any dizziness, shakiness or nausea after eating, also consult with him/her if you are craving a lot of sugar. Undiagnosed symptoms such as these can lead to health problems for both you and your baby.

The most exciting part of the 2nd trimester is that you get to experience an ultrasound and see your child for the first time. It is also the time when you can find out the gender of the baby and you experience the first kicks and movements of your child. While these movements might feel strange at first (especially with a first time pregnancy), you will come to a point where the movement is actually soothing to you since it reassures you that your child is growing strong.

Weeks 14-15

Your baby will probably be around 3.5 inches along at this point and perhaps 1-2 ounces. If you didn’t get a chance to listen to your baby’s heartbeat by this point, you should be having your appointment with the doctor around now. The excitement that comes with listening to your child’s heartbeat is mark of this new trimester. The baby’s ears, eyes and neck are continuing to develop, as well as its reflexes.

Weeks 16-20

Continual rapid growth of the baby is occurring as well as the growth of a fine layer of hair on its body. The hair will be shed later on, but can cause the heartburn that some mothers experience. Your doctor will be able to measure the height of your uterus & pelvic bone, which is known as "fundal height". It just tells your doctor whether your baby is growing at a healthy rate.

Weeks 21-26

You are now in the 2nd half of your pregnancy. Congratulations!

If your baby is a girl, this is the time during which her uterus will begin to develop. It is also the time when the rapid growth begins to slow down and your baby’s heartbeat grows stronger. The average weight gain at this point is 10-15lbs. If you are a little bit over that, there is no need to worry. If you have any concerns about your weight gain, consult with your doctor.

Somewhere between the 22-23rd weeks your baby should be around 1 lb and in the subsequent weeks your baby will continue to add ounces day-by-day. His/Her body is beginning to fill out.

Week 25 may bring a few new symptoms like sore back and pressure on your pelvis. Just remember to rest and take care of yourself, as you don’t want to push your body into pre-term labor.

If you experience any of the following symptoms, you should get in touch with your doctor or midwife to discuss them, as they might be early labor warning signs:

  • Increase/change in vaginal discharge
  • Pelvic pressure: as if you feel like your baby is pushing down on you
  • Menstrual-like cramps
  • Low, dull backache
  • Uterine contractions every 10minutes or less.

Fun Fact: By the end of your 2nd trimester your child may possibly be 2lbs already.

As you head into the last trimester, please remember to be aware of your body and notice any changes that seem out of the ordinary since symptoms (such as those mentioned above) may be a precursor to early labor.