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Join the thousands of parents who chose to keep their family & friends in touch with their Online Baby Scrapbook. is a great way to start your Online Scrapbooking experience.
Take a look at some of the easy to use features on an Online Baby Scrapbook in order to start Scrapbooking right away.
  • Scrapbooking with style! Theme your Baby Scrapbook with one of our many templates
  • Premium Templates designed by our professional designers
  • Create your own baby scrapbook template with our easy to use tool
  • Custom made USB Keepsake memory sticks available for preserving your Baby Scrapbook for years to come
  • Option to password protect your entire Online Baby Scrapbook
  • Only the people with the password can view your Baby Scrapbook
  • Spam protection for comments and guestbook features
  • Fast, friendly customer-care from real people! (no automated services)
  • Display your child's latest milestone with our customizable "Stats" feature
  • Add as many children as you want to a single Baby Scrapbook to make a family Scrapbook or create an Online Baby Scrapbook for each child
  • Live age trackers
  • Auto alert Friends & Family whenever you post new content on your Baby Scrapbook
  • Share unlimited photos on your Baby Scrapbook
  • Organize your photos in albums & customized slideshows
  • Easy to use photo upload tool that lets you add a title & comments to each photo
  • Option to buy prints, calendars, print books & tons of other great photo products
  • Display an unlimited number of videos on your Baby Scrapbook
  • With our great Keepsake product, you can store all your videos with us and get them sent to you on a portable hard drive at any time!
  • Tell your Family´s stories with our journaling tool
  • Let your Friends & Family leave comments on your blog
  • Guestbook features so visitors can leave their well wishes
  • Let your Family and Friends help you add to your Scrapbook by leaving personalized messages to your child.
  • These messages will be preserved in time and when your child is all grown up they can look back and see what their grandparents, uncles and aunts wrote them.
  • Public and Private Calendars allow you to keep track important dates like doctor´s check ups, birthday parties, special events and more. Also a great way to remind your Family and Friends of upcoming events.
  • Everything you need to know about your baby! Development stages, Health and Nutrition, Ask the AMB Family and More!
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